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Exclusive Training

Our professional Certification Program ensures you have the skills to work on and develop Industry 4.0 solutions using Unified Namespaces and emerging technologies. Learn at your own pace.

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Members-only Discord channels for training support and joint development exercises. Share tips and tricks with other engineers, integrators, and automation techs. 

Monthly Recorded Training Calls

Monthly private, 90-minute Zoom calls and technical training on the latest Industry 4.0 needed skills from edge to cloud – IIoT protocols, data collection, SCADA, OEM equipment integration and more.

What members are saying...

Hi this is Gautam from India. I have been an IT Engineer, last 10 years of whose life has been dedicated to MES, Factory Systems, and of late, Advanced Analytics and I4.0. I am yet to come across such a lucid explanation of I4.0 concepts. It is not easy to explain complex technologies in a form that is easily understandable to expert as well as the uninitiated. Brilliant work.

What members are saying...

I’m just finishing up Step I of the Industry 4.0 Mentorship Program and it has been great in so many ways! I’ve had a long career in the QUALITY field and not at all in industrial automation, but this program is really helping me learn the skills that I’ll need as we transition into Industry 4.0.--- John Cindrich

Develop Professionally

The Industry 4.0 Mentorship Program has been designed by our team to get you trained on the skillsets you will need to actually work on and develop Industry 4.0 Solutions.

Meet your instructor...

Walker Reynolds has developed his career across four different industry verticals ---  Steel, Automotive, Printing, and Mining --- in order to get a wide range of industry experience with the goal of becoming the best solutions architect on the planet. 

My whole life is dedicated to saving and creating middle-class jobs in the United States by helping manufacturers do more with less by leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies.

Walker Reynolds
CEO Intellic Integration | Founder of 4.0 Solutions

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