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Hannover Messe: First Summary

In this episode, Walker Reynolds shares his key takeaways and insights from attending Hannover Messe 2024. Walker discusses the scale and growth of the industrial IoT community he experienced at the massive trade show. He also evaluates the state of technologies like generative AI, edge computing, and containerization based on demos and conversations. Some highlights covered include: - Observations on cultural differences attending a large event in Germany - Disappointments with legacy vendors like OPC Foundation and Microsoft booth - Promising startups and newer solutions seen, especially around AI and edge - Standards that could be improved to better serve industrial use cases - Dell's "Native Edge" platform for deploying infrastructure at scale - Community reception and interactions exceeding all expectations Walker also previews upcoming content like publishing his Litmus fireside chat and individual deep dives. He proposes a new "Prove It" conference concept for vendors to showcase value. Be sure to listen for Walker's candid perspectives on the latest from Hannover Messe. This debrief is full of insights for anyone working at the intersection of industry and technology.


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