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MQTT with Arlen Nipper, Matt Parris and Aron Semle


  • Overview of MQTT sparkplug protocol origins and its evolution. Timestamp: 0:00

Early MQTT Developments

  • Anandi recounts the early development of MQTT from its inception through its current applications.
  • Historical perspective on SCADA systems and communication protocols during the 1980s and 1990s, featuring discussions on the use of 300 baud modems and DEC PDP 11. Timestamp: 4:53

Transition in SCADA Technologies

  • Detailed exploration of SCADA technology advancements in the 1990s and the impact of deregulation on service providers. Timestamp: 9:57
  • Evolution of MQTT as a messaging protocol for industrial automation, its adoption by Phillips 66, and its development into a more efficient protocol. Timestamp: 16:49

Sparkplug Protocol Development

  • Origin and development of Sparkplug A and its evolution into Sparkplug B for improved efficiency and open-source accessibility. Timestamp: 22:04
  • Discussion on the broader application of MQTT and Sparkplug in process control and beyond, emphasizing community-driven expansions and usage. Timestamp: 27:13

Technical Deep Dive into MQTT and Sparkplug

  • Exploring the technical specifics of MQTT and Sparkplug protocols, including their architecture, data efficiency, and reliability improvements. Timestamp: 35:28
  • Panel discussion on expanding MQTT broker capabilities and the need for standardized MQTT plugins. Timestamp: 40:46

Integration and Standardization Efforts

  • Utilizing MQTT and OPC UA for enhanced IoT data communication and the challenges with standardization. Timestamp: 46:29
  • Approaches to using MQTT and Sparkplug for effective data integration and management. Timestamp: 53:30

Data Management and Quality of Service

  • Focus on using Snowflake for unified data management and preserving schema integrity. Timestamp: 57:48
  • Examination of Quality of Service (QoS) in SCADA systems, addressing safety concerns and data integrity. Timestamp: 1:02:29

Infrastructure and Security

  • Discussion on IoT infrastructure improvements, TCP vs. UDP protocols, and the importance of message ordering in industrial communications. Timestamp: 1:08:08
  • Insights into MQTT security enhancements and the implementation challenges of new versions of the spark plug standard. Timestamp: 1:12:18

Improving Messaging Architecture

  • Suggestions for enhancing Sparkplug messaging architecture, including the use of hierarchical structures and smart subscriptions. Timestamp: 1:18:02

Cloud Computing and Standardization

  • Deliberation on the impact of cloud computing on data management, emphasizing the role of Snowflake and the standardization efforts around Sparkplug. Timestamp: 1:23:51

These notes outline the key topics and discussions held during the podcast, providing listeners with a clear roadmap of the content and the timestamps for specific segments.


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