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OEE for continuous vs batch vs discrete processes... Live Q&A - 4/12/2022

Join us every week where we answer your questions on Industry 4.0, IIoT, and digital transformation. Today we are talking about Use Case #03 for the UNS Use Case Series! We also talk about the differences in OEE for continuous vs batch vs discrete processes.

OEE Resource Referenced

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Stream Starts
1:56 Sponsors
4:50 Partnership
6:18 IIoT University in Foreign Languages?
7:30 Channel Updates
8:30 New Members
12:50 Discussions this week
14:24 UNS vs Master Data Management?
18:40 What vendors support SparkplugB other than ignition?
20:00 How can a product company provide IIoT Solutions?
22:44 Sheryl’s Notes
23:16 Digital Thread vs UNS
24:38 Zack’s on the spectrum
25:35 How to get started in IIoT?
28:38 OEE for Discrete vs Batch vs Continuous Process?
37:15 Discord Comments on OEE
44:06 Tesla UNS Architecture
46:45 Agreeing on how to measure OEE
49:00 UNS Use-Case #03 Digital OEE for High-Value Long Cycle Time Process
1:00:18 Questions you should ask vendors



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