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Sandy Munro Interview by 4.0 Solutions

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A special thank you, Sandy, Cory, and the Entire Team at Munro & Associates for not only making this interview possible but also all of the work you do on the Munro Live YouTube Channel.

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0:00 Intro

0:40 Background on 4.0 Solutions

5:30 Why is Tesla so awesome?

10:05 Sandy Munro talks to Eiji Toyoda

13:20 Sandy Munro's Nugget of Knowledge

17:04 Walker Consulting for an EV Company

19:22 What's the difference between manufacturers that get it and ones that don't

28:00 Why is Ford the most innovative of the Legacy 3 Automakers?

33:30 Manufacturing Ecosystems...

36:00 Are any legacy auto manufacturers going to survive?

43:30 What is the Legacy of Sandy Munro?

45:33 What's the most important thing you have done in your career?

56:30 What's next for Munro Live?


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