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How Intellic Integration and 4.0 Solutions have been able to scale so quickly?

Join us every week where we answer your questions on Industry 4.0, IIoT, and successfully achieving digital transformation. Join the PLCnext Workshop on Thursday... Use Code PLCnext for a discount 0:00 Intro 10:00 Is there a course to learn IoT? 12:35 EMQ Company Spotlight 13:50 EZ VPN Building a full-fledged Industry 4.0 Application 16:06 Haven't we picked on OPC enough? 23:40 Is there a place for MQTT in energy transmission? 24:45 Does OPC have to be used on the edge? 34:33 How did Intellic Integration / 4.0 Solutions scale so fast? 1:01:30 What about PLC4X? 1:03:30 What is Edge-Driven? Thanks for watching! Subscribe! 👉 Follow us on LinkedIn! 👉 Want to learn more? Join our community Discord Server 👉


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