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PLCnext Live Stream w/ Zackary Stank

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0:00 Intro

0:45 Community Spotlight w/ Zackary Stank (Phoenix Contact)

2:40 What was the Idea behind PLCnext?

4:20 Why did you take the approach to go so Open?

6:25 How has the PLCnext Starterkit been received?

7:30 How do the different processors work?

12:25 PLCnext Engineer software works on PLCnext PLC & PLCnext Edge Device?

13:30 PLCnext Cloud Connectivity Support?

15:30 How did you get started at Phoenix Contact?

18:20 Does it come with SparkplugB?

19:00 PLCnext Starterkit Manuals / Demo

22:05 Outro

23:35 Automation Academy Webinar with Frank Lamb and Zack Scriven




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