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Industry 4.0 Weekly Live Q&A 6/29/21

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0:00 Intro & Community Updates

9:36 Can someone explain Digital Twin?

12:47 Is anyone doing Sloping Boxcar or Peak Based Reduction at the edge?

15:55 Why Digital Transformation Matters

16:39 IT vs OT Battles in Manufacturing

21:08 C++ Library for OPC-UA Data?

22:55 Digital Factory Explained by Ben Veenema

25:18 Connecting CMT-SVR to UNS

27:00 Plant Service Bus from IBM?

35:57 Connecting Dataset tag into Ignition?

41:14 OPC-UA Certificate Question

43:55 Migrating from on-prem to Canary Cloud?

50:25 5G in Manufacturing Environment

54:42 Managing MQTT Subscription in React?

1:00:42 Is a Unified Namespace singular or plural?


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