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Learn to build an MES from scratch in an IIoT platform with the use of a Unified Namespace and MQTT broker.

Developers, integrators, and OT innovators...

Learn how to leverage an open IIoT platform to build, rather than buy, a basic MES system in this complete course. Help manufacturers or your own organization accomplish more problem solving with less expenditure.

MES capabilities are usually the first capabilities built during the beginning phases of a digital transformation journey and are essential to delivering fast time to value.

Build a basic MES in Ignition with SQL and Python

Learn to develop the core capabilities of an MES system: Work Orders, Scheduling, OEE, and Downtime Tracking. A complete course including back-end (DB), APIs, event management, UIs and visualizations.

30 modules, over 20 hours of recorded step-by-step development instruction

Join us for the new Walkthrough Bonus Session using the complete OEE package, plus broker setup using EMQx, testing and validation.

Private Discord for instructor and study group support

Get the personal help and resources you need to be successful whatever your skill level and starting point. Practical homework assignments will get you started.


How to build a core MES in Ignition with SQL and Python

In the MES Bootcamp, you will learn how to develop the core capabilities of an MES system: Work Orders, Scheduling, OEE, and Downtime Tracking. Other things that will be covered in this bootcamp are:

    Back-end (DB)
    Event management
    UIs and Visualizations

Meet your instructor...

Walker Reynolds has developed his career across 4 different industry verticals... Steel, Automotive, Printing, and Mining... in order to get a wide range of industry experience with the goal of becoming the best solutions architect on the planet. 🌎 

“My entire professional life has been dedicated to saving and creating middle-class jobs by helping manufacturers leverage technology to do more with less. 

Walker Reynolds
Solutions Architect | Founder of 4.0 Solutions | Chairman of the Board, Intellic Integration


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