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4 Things Industry 4.0 This Week - May 6th, 2021


Welcome to the first episode of a brand new segment we are calling: 4 Things Industry 4.0. It's a short format (4-Minutes or less) weekly news update on all things related to Industry 4.0!

Here's this week's 4 Things Industry 4.0 Update!
May 6th, 2021

1.0 - HiveMQ Secures seed round!

2.0 - HighByte Brings Data Modeling into Focus

3.0 - Tesla and Toyota Are Considering Jointly Developing a Small Electric SUV Platform

4.0 - Industry 4.0 Product Updates

4.1 - PLCnext Edge Device LinkedIn Post (French)

4.2 - Opto 22 EPIC and RIO New Ignition 8 Models

4.3 - Digital Mastermind Releases DTMA Training

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