Learn to Develop Advanced MES Capabilities 

For manufacturing engineers, IT professionals, and MES developers who want to enhance their skill set in designing and developing MES capabilities. Hands-on experience using Ignition to build your own MES or extend MES functionality with UNS IoT architecture. Take your career and your company to the next level of Industry 4.0. Enroll now to secure your spot!

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Updating Core MES to Advanced MES Architecture 

Session #1 focuses on leveraging an external Python library and building MES functions, such as changeovers and defect tracking, customized to your operations with the database schema and UI elements. Additionally, learn to generate pivoted OEE calculations, calculate TEEP, and refactor UI for UNS integration, with all UI elements exclusively consuming from UNS.

ERP Integration and ERP/MES Data Convergence 

In Session #2, you will learn how to integrate external ERP data and events, and build a functional namespace for ERP and how to unify ERP and MES data and information into a common informative namespace, which is crucial in real-world scenarios. This session also demonstrates how to use the same strategies for CMMS and PLM integrations.

Enterprise UNS to Cloud Infrastructure 

Session #3 is designed to introduce you to cloud-based storage and analytics and how to integrate UNS to a time-series data store leveraging Kafka. Additionally, you will learn IoT Hub Integration, which includes bi-directional communication from UNS to the cloud and vice versa. You will also be introduced to DataLake Storage and Cloud Analytics (AWS or Azure). Finally, this session teaches you how to define your first ML use case with MES data and information.

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