Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

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Not your typical consulting firm assessment

The right strategy, the right technology, and the right partners are essential to successful transformation.

IT-driven initiatives typically don't account for plant floor needs, data collection realities, and scaling challenges. 4.0 Solutions involves the people whose input you need for success and our recommendations are vendor and platform agnostic.

We provide minimum technical requirements applicable to your IT-OT integration, including legacy systems. We help you identify where to start.

A cost effective Quick Start

Manufacturers are often all too familiar with assessments and inventories that take many months at significant cost to complete. 4.0 Solutions avoids that scenario by holding highly-focused meetings that quickly get to the heart of your digital readiness and most important needs for improvement over a 2-3 week engagement. Then we help you identify the right IT-OT team members to get you there.

Strategy for Now and the Future

Breakout meetings with Engineering, Operations, Quality, IT, and Executive Leadership help your organization arrive at a Digital Transformation strategy inclusive of your future needs while addressing your current pain points. The resulting report covers current state and maturity score, envisioned future state, examples of Industry 4.0 architectures appropriate to your enterprise, minimum technical requirements, recommended proof of concept, and a roadmap to get started.

Evaluation with a Larger Vision

The Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment (DTMA) evaluates your organization's digital maturity and preparedness to succeed in a highly digital, interconnected, Industry 4.0 world. The goal is the transformation of your entire business, not just digitization of paper processes. 

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What you get out of the DTMA Process

The Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment is designed to help organizations make informed decisions about their technology investments. By identifying your current technical requirements, we can help you eliminate technical debt and ensure that you are following Industry 4.0 guidelines. This includes the ability to publish and subscribe to a Unified Namespace or similar systems.

In addition to providing a detailed technical assessment, the DTMA also includes a suggested architecture and digital strategy. This includes recommendations for how to improve your current systems and processes in order to better meet your needs. With this information, you can make strategic decisions about your technology investments that will lead to greater success in the future.

One of the key benefits of our Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment is that it provides a score that compares your company to over 1,300 other companies on their path to Industry 4.0. This score, along with a roadmap that takes you from where you are currently to where you would like to be, gives you a clear picture of where you stand and how to move forward. Additionally, we will identify a high-value, quick return on investment project as a proof of concept that will help gain buy-in from key stakeholders. With this information, you can make data-driven decisions that will drive your company's digital transformation forward.

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