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Industry 4.0 Weekly Live Q&A 8/3/21

Join us every week where we answer your questions on Industry 4.0, IIoT, and successfully achieving digital transformation. This week we have Kevin Jones with Ectobox to discuss his experience sitting in on a DTMA Kickoff this week. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn 0:00 Intro 6:52 Kevin Jones Spotlight 7:40 What verticals do you work in? 8:18 How long have you been following our community? 8:30 DTMA Insider Perspective 11:25 Kevin's Feedback on the DTMA 13:10 Has anything stood out to you? 14:20 About Ectobox 18:00 Is anyone freaking out yet? 20:00 Kevin's new hire 21:30 What kind of personal traits and characters are needed? 30:00 Community Update 31:57 Kevin's Testimonial 33:00 Mentorship Step 1 Practical Review 33:44 Can an end-user sit in on a DTMA? 34:30 Updates 35:35 What is a DTMA? 43:30 What percent of manufacturers are working on Industry 4.0? 44:00 How to go from UNS to process records? 45:25 Industry Updates 50:40 Live Q&A 50:55 Unified Namespace Case Studies 1:00:20 Digital Transformation Organizational Charts Thanks for watching! Subscribe! 👉 Follow us on LinkedIn! 👉 Want to learn more? Join our community Discord Server 👉 Take the FREE IIoT Mini-Course 👉 Powered by Restream


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