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What People Are Saying:

Hi this is Gautam from India. I have been an IT Engineer, last 10 years of whose life has been dedicated to MES, Factory Systems, and off late Advanced Analytics and I4.0. I am yet to come across such a lucid explanation of I4.0 concepts. It is not easy to explain complex technologies in a form that is easily understandable to expert as well as uninitiated. Brilliant work

Gautam Gupta

I learned more here by accident than I do in other mini-courses by design!

David Schultz

Thank you Walker Reynolds and Zack Scriven for this informative course. You do a phenomenal job of making this complex topic very easy to understand. This is critical since these conversations don't involve just highly technical engineers, but also executives, managers, and other key stakeholders. I feel confident this will help me have more meaningful conversations with customers and colleagues about IIoT concepts and implementation.

Rob Wiggins | ifm

I just wanted to tell you I loved your videos on YouTube. A few of us passed them around Siemens and it is safe to say they went viral in about a day.

Siemens IIoT Executive