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ChatGPT Workshop Bundle

Get access to both of these highly valuable workshops!

Leverage ChatGPT for Digital Transformation Workshop

  • Learn how to leverage ChatGPT to accelerate projects, write use cases, develop in Python, and speed documentation.
  • Walker Reynolds demonstrates using in-depth ChatGPT queries and instructions to write specifications, then develop, optimize and test a Python code solution.  

Leverage ChatGPT for IIoT Edge Data Collection with Sparkplug Workshop

  • Develop a SparkPlug Connector and Topic Explorer for seamless integration and easy topic browsing.
  • Build a deployable edge-of-network device app for MQTT data publishing and UNS browsing.
  • Create a complete IIoT solution for data visualization and analysis.
  • Design a real-time Perspective visualization in Ignition for the integrated solution.

Workshops purchase is for one individual.

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